Game Schedules – Week #1 Now Available

Almost there…

Many communities just completed their tryouts these past couple of weeks and are a little late to register to play.  We want to provide a vibrant and meaningful league, so we thank you for your patience while we get each league established.  We are also trying to meet as many scheduling requests as possible, so games for Weeks #2 – #6 will be published as soon as those conflicts are resolved.


We are also changing direction for the use of the website.  We were trying something new this year to allow coaches more control over managing their teams and statistics, but have determined that the SportsPress application is too difficult for the average user to navigate. We have already begun scheduling in the QuickScores application, which will be embedded on the site.  Game schedules, standings and tournament brackets will all be available.


Coaches no longer need to log into the system to upload your roster.  If do not see your roster on your team’s webpage, please download and fill out the players-sample spreadsheet.  The data MUST be in this format with the column headings remaining as they are to match how your teams have been entered on the website.  Your roster must be complete with names and jersey numbers before the first game, otherwise a forfeit will be assessed.  The roster file can then be emailed back to

Game Schedules – Week #1 (November 19 & 20)

The first week of schedules can be found below for each Division.

3rd Grade
4th Grade – A Division
4th Grade – B Division
5th Grade
6th Grade – A Division
6th Grade – B Division

4th Grade
5th Grade
6th Grade